Welcome, educationexport supports companies, training providers and public institutions worldwide to improve their level of education and to reduce skill shortages. We provide advice on how to distribute education in different market settings and how to improve education systems.

As qualification of employees is becoming increasingly important worldwide, the interest in the dual vocational and dual academic education system “Made in Germany” is growing strongly.

German dual VET and academic programs – providing skills for required needs.

We take a pioneering role and support you to prepare your education system for local and global challenges.

About educationexport

We are a team of highly trained experts consisting of qualified education consultant, strategist, business developer and professional within the German VET and academic system. We are dedicated to deliver the highest quality of consulting and support our clients to select their right educational program and provider. In the highly competitive and globalised educational market, we consult industry clients but we also assist political initiatives to improve national education systems through dual vocational as well as dual academic approaches.

Our Goals

Our goal in educationexport is to support
  • Companies, who want to foster employee skills worldwide facing the challenges of diversity and local adaption,
  • German as well as international education providers aiming for growth through foreign market entries
  • Public institutions around the world who want to integrate application-oriented and occupationally-focused education elements according to the German model


Our aims in collaboration with our partners are to:
  • offer sophisticated and sound market analysis
  • provide motivating and enhancing ideas and business models
  • develop empowering concepts for employers to foster their workforce skills
  • offer cutting-edge solutions and services for all our customers from analysis, concept design, identification of suitable partners, pilot testing to final implementation and follow-up on site.


For companies

How can you improve the level of quality and know-how of your firm´s workforce?

A debate exists in current literature about whether the world is facing a skill shortage or a mismatch of talent. Many industries are experiencing a shortage of skilled workers. In Europe, youth unemployment has reached record levels – at the same time, companies cannot find enough young candidates with the required qualifications. We offer up-to-date strategic and market know-how for improving the level of internal training and aligning education standards and workforce qualifications at all company sites.

For public and private institutions

How can you improve the level of quality of your national education system?

The importance of education is constantly rising. More and more countries increase their spending in education but often remain behind their ambitions. The majority of countries faces low qualification levels among the workforce and a rising skill shortage. While the level of academic education is increasingly assimilating internationally, the level of vocational and professional on-the-job training still does not comply with the demands of international employers and industry.

We advise you on the very best way of exploiting the potential advantages of dual education with a very high amount of application-oriented, workplace-based and occupationally-focused elements.

For training providers

How can you sell education internationally? What is the right business model?

The changes of Brasil and, Russia and the slowdown of China blur outlooks and complicate the activities for international business. Training providers therefore need to carefully evaluate given information to make the right decision on markets and partners. We provide up-to-date know-how on developing appropriate international business models for selling education to foreign countries and we accompany your implementation process with our global network.


Examples of our educationexport services for industry customers
  • Developing and establishing intensive workshops, training course, and coaching
  • Evaluating international markets and promising locations to prepare strategic decisions
  • Improving the quality of education system throughout companies global network
  • Developing innovative business models to sell education
  • Development and participation in research and development projects with EU, ADB, BMZ, BMBF, GIZ, World Bank, IWF, etc.
Examples of our educationexport services for public and private institutions
  • Linking vocational, higher education, business for excellence and regional development
  • Providing service with possible partner educational institutions in Germany and elsewhere
  • Imparting training facilities of high standard
  • Developing of courses, curricula (apprenticeships, degree programs, etc.)
  • Tailored vocational teacher education
  • Establishing a site campus abroad
  • Tailored degree education.
Examples of our educationexport services for education providers
  • Developing and writing action-based business plans
  • Assessing international markets and give recommendations about the ideal country portfolio
  • Developing innovative business models to sell education globally
  • Provide access to training supervisor, vocational school teacher, skilled workers
  • Development and participation in research and development projects with EU, ADB, BMZ, BMBF, GIZ, World Bank, IWF, etc.

Global Trends


Prof. Dr. Uwe Sachse

Prof. Dr. Uwe Sachse

Managing Director

Dr. Uwe Sachse is an author, coach and management consultant on the topic of exporting education. Uwe helps organisations, entrepreneurs, and management teams discover new ways of doing education business by envisioning, evaluating, and implementing new business models. He is Professor for International Management at the University Albstadt-Sigmaringen in Germany, visiting Professor in the eMBA at the THM Business School in Giessen, co-founder of the Institute for innovative Sales and Marketing in Leipzig and practice partner for the German Chamber of Commerce. He received his PhD from Edinburgh Napier University and holds a MBA from the University of Lincoln/United Kingdom.

Dr. Ines von Weichs

Dr. Ines von Weichs

Managing Partner

Dr. Ines von Weichs is an expert in international market analysis and strategy development and co-founder of the Institute for innovative Sales. She consults companies to gain market insights, to create innovative business models and marketing concepts and to set up sophisticated implementation plans.
Ines has herself a diploma from a university of cooperative education and has thus gained first-hand experience in the dual academic sector from a student perspective. Today she is a lecturer at the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences and visiting lecturer for the THM Business School in Gießen – both institutions with a strong focus on application-orientation and with close contact to companies and other organisations. Ines holds a master degree in international marketing from the THM Business School and a PhD in management from the Edinburgh Napier University.



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